Empowering & Supporting Our Future Innovators


Innovator Academy is a series of sessions for teenagers ages 14-18 that focus on empowering youth by providing them with the skills, education, and supportive resources necessary to make their mark on the world. Innovator Academy provides a unique mentoring experience while giving the youth a safe and positive place to establish a positive sense of self, understand their strengths, prepare for college and future careers, develop social skills, and become self-aware and competent innovators of tomorrow. Young innovators today are the great leaders of tomorrow.


Vivid Kids is a program targeting children ages 4-13 that focuses on emotional and physical well-being, healthy social skills, developing a positive identity, highlighting our strengths, celebrating differences, and building on behaviors and areas of development once thought to be weaknesses. Vivid Kids go on to graduate and become students of Innovator Academy. Vivid Kids holds programs throughout the community in order to spread the message that we all are deserving of a vivid future. Vivid Kids learn how to let their light shine!


Classroom Observation
Educational Consultation
Supportive Modeling  
Social & Emotional Skills Building
Student, Staff, & Parent-Focused Workshops

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